My room is fixed(:

In my previous posts, I kept mentioning about how the next chapter in my blog would be about my completed room. As I have been postponing the clearing-up of my room, so have I pushed blogging back. But someone nicely mentioned that he liked reading my blog, thus I was motivated to finish the clearing and can blog guilt free now. Happy days are when your room is clean(:

Snippets of my tormenting room-cleaning days:

My cupboard in the earlier stages

If you can tell, this was as I was going through the folded clothes on the left cupboard; the right side still untouched.

My cupboard again - a third of the way through.

Cleared out the right side. All the clothes are on the floor and they pile up higher than the bed. This state of clothes-on-the-floor stayed this way for a few days. It was so hard to walk around my room that I ended up just stepping on top of the pile sometimes. *pang of guilt* I was busy! And it was certainly not easy to go through that. I ended up giving away 4 huge bags of clothes - I seriously wished I knew how to set of a flea store, but I guess giving them away is a good cause too…

My pile of jeans.

As I sorted out the clothes to keep, my ‘Jeans’ pile was the tallest - though it was probably because of the sheer thickness that is denim. Also, I only managed to let 2 pairs of jeans go, which means I still have like, 13 in my cupboard (yes, damn the female, thank you).

Then I set about to put in place my new room layout.

The corridor into my room

I had to move lots of stuff out of my room in order to move the furniture about. In the end, I moved so much stuff out, it reached all the way to the front door. Kee got a shock when he came home from school. Shouting about that there was a robber in his sister’s room he then proceeded to creep into my already messed up room with a gun to ‘kill the robber’. Sounds funny now, yes, but could you imagine, at that point in time I was so irritated by it! And my stupid elder brother was still sitting in front of his computer, absolutely oblivious to my renovation-rampage. He didn’t lift a finger to help me. … Auntie helped me with it when she came back to the grocer’s and chided Ash for his negligency though. Wahaha - the shameless joy of being children and with siblings: when the other sibling gets scolded.

The pile of accepted clothes after shifting around the furniture

So that was the end of the wardrobe-wars. I put my clothes back in the cupboard and spent the next few weeks procrastinating clearing out the shelves of dated magazines, homework and what other junk there might be. Finally dealt with it all the past 2 days, so here I am! In my clean room where I hopefully will not get any more rashes mysterious dust flakes who would deem me worthy prey.


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